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Life & Relationship Coach

Tel: +44 (0)7976 729710

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In summary, coaching helps people gain real clarity on who they are, what really matters to them and how they actually want their life to be. Once that's all completely clear it becomes a lot easier to make it happen.  I also coach couples and other types of relationships.  (For more about the Relationship Coaching that I offer please visit:


So what sort of things do clients actually get out of it apart from a nice chat?


I help individuals to: 


Rediscover the joy and fun in life

Improve all of their relationships – work, love, family etc

Be open to and search for love

Discover why they are feeling unsatisfied with life

Find the courage to leave their comfort zone

Explore all emotions / beliefs in a safe, supportive environment

Change careers – find a role that is fulfilling, energising and worthwhile

Enhance how they perform & enjoy their current role, tackling any issues

Find a work / parenting / relationship / fun combination that works, with minimal guilt.

Lose weight, eat healthily, gain energy

Stop feeling like a failure

Be the parent they really want to be, not that cross / shouty / stressed one

Stand up for what they believe in and change their World for the better.


It’s not just a load of marketing bluff and hot air, it really works.



What's the panda got to do with it?  Are you coaching him?!

What makes you such an expert on my life?

And coaching with me is often fun, emotional, weird, supportive, empowering ... after all, my mission is to make life sparkle and so there's no dreary, boring, sludgy coaching going on in my practice!

No.  But look at that smile on my face.  


This is a great example of someone having a 'peak experience' - one of those moments where you are not thinking about anything else, you feel totally excited, you are living your core values.


Coaching will help you figure out exactly what are YOUR core values, the things that really matter to you.  Life and all its decisions then become a lot simpler.  


Actions or goals or ways of being that are inline with your values feel great (and make your life sparkle!) and those that counter them are, quite simply, hard work.

You used to be an Actuary?  That's a big jump to coaching.

Certainly is.  My life didn't sparkle then because I hadn't discovered what was important to me ... and now I have, yippeeeeee.  What I love is helping others to find their own fulfilment, to get the fun back, to really enjoy life again.  

I'm still a bit confused.  I just don't really see how it will work for me.

casteluccio 003

I’m not and nor is my own life perfect but I am inherently nosey and fascinated by people.  I will be curious and ask powerful questions to help you discover your own answers. 


I don’t give advice but I state what I see and highlight any unhelpful behaviour patterns you may have unwittingly fallen into.  I will also point out where I feel you have missed what’s really going on inside you - our defences can prevent us seeing the truth.  

Sounds a bit like counselling or talking to a friend?

I know, crazy huh?  And to think I used to work in Finance as an Actuary, doing spreadsheets and calculations. I'm a very rational, logical person and I would not be a coach if it was just a load of talk without enabling long term change and growth.

It's not counselling.  Coaching focuses on 'where you are now' and 'where you want to be' in your life.  Where necessary we use the past purely as a helpful hint about what might be holding you back.  Then with new awareness, the focus changes to action and making changes.  


It's also very different to talking to a friend because I won't try and make you feel better or stop the tears.  I'll encourage all emotions to be expressed - it takes far too much energy to keep suppressing those feelings.  


And I won't necessarily agree with you like a friend might. My job is to challenge you, to seek the truth behind your words and to see if your excuses are really just that.  We're all very talented at telling ourselves a great story - I'll help you find out what's real.


Together we will go in deep to find out what’s really stopping you living the life you truly want.  We’ll uncover new self-awareness,  explore what patterns of behaviour you are stuck in and those that you do unconsciously day in and day out.


I will suggest challenges and actions to help you explore whatever topic we are coaching on, with accountability to keep you on track.


Coaching styles vary enormously so to see if I could be the right coach for you, please click here

I'm not surprised. It is a very tricky concept to explain to someone in words.


It's a bit like trying to explain the feeling of doing a Bungee Jump to someone who has never done one - no words will ever get across the sensation as you dive off the platform.  Similarly coaching is difficult to describe and much better to experience.


Because coaching is a hard concept to understand I offer a free Sample Session to anyone who is interested so that they can see what it's all about.  There is absolutely no obligation to then sign up afterwards.  And even if you are only vaguely curious then I encourage you to give it a go - clients often get a lot out of the Sample Session itself.  


Go on, listen to that part of you that really wants to ...  sign up here :o)

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