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Life & Relationship Coach

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Every coach has a unique style, different training & methods.  Am I the right coach for you?

I question, listen to, challenge, support and believe in my clients.


I don't judge anything.  My job is to simply explore with you what is important to you & why to enable you to make powerful, conscious choices.  What makes your life sparkle will be different to what makes mine.


My coaching style is fun, encouraging, insightful, warm and challenging.  I bring a lot of positive energy to our coaching sessions.


I will nurture you through the difficult bits, celebrate your amazing achievements and give you that mental kick up the bottom if needed!


In particular I am very pro-active.  I firmly believe talking is important but it also needs to be backed up by actions to enable change to take place.  “What are you going to do and when will you do it?”


I’m very firmly based in the real World and am not sat on a hill cross-legged and humming Ohm a lot (although I do enjoy the odd Om at the end of a yoga class).  If you read my bio (below) you’ll see I came from a very logical and rational place before I discovered Coaching.  


Are you skeptical?  If so, there’s a very good chance we’ll be a great fit because so was I. I have often had skeptical clients come along for their freebee sample session and be amazed at what comes out of it.


I coach face to face, over the phone and via Skype and all are equally effective.  Some prefer online as it is more convenient but I'm based near Farnham, on the Surrey / Hampshire border, and if you live nearby you’re very welcome to pop round too.


I'm a great coach because I really care about you finding happiness.

What we may have in common

We don't need to have anything in common as I don't give advice.  However clients can feel a degree of comfort if there are shared experiences in our lives, currently or previously.  I have all of the following strings to my bow:


Professional / rational / intelligent - I have a degree in MORSE (Maths, Economics etc). I'm a qualified Actuary and used to work in Insurance & Investment. It didn't fulfill me (hence I changed) but it does fulfill my husband who is also one!  

2 kids - one of each, ages 10 and 11, complete with all the frustrations and laughter they bring.  I was a full-time mother for the first 3 years.  

Career changer - I left the Actuarial profession to become a Recruitment Consultant (for actuaries) for several years before swapping to motherhood and finally setting up my coaching business. I am experienced in helping people figure out what is the right career for them and taking the plunge to change.  

Part time worker / part time mum - ah the joy of the juggle.  I get it!

Small Business owner

World traveller - I have spent over 2 years travelling.  I crave variety in my life and get bored easily.

Disastrous previous relationships - I have a history of being unceremoniously dumped and was single for years. I once lost my partner, my house and my job all in the same day .. that was a rough Monday morning!

I ran a marathon, albeit slowly - having never been a runner in my life.  I know you too can achieve far more than you think.


My top 3 life mantras I aim to live my life by (and of course fail regularly!) -


Stop moaning and do something about it.  

Enjoy life - who knows when your time will be up so you might as well have fun on the way.

You never know until you try it.

My style, methods and things that make my life sparkle ....


My coaching qualifications

I trained with the internationally renowned Coaches Training Institute in 2009 and have been coaching clients ever since.  

In 2011 I undertook further training and am now a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC for short.


I am also Certified Relationship Coach with the Centre for Right Relationships (CRR Global) in ORSC (Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching).  I am passionate about helping people to have better relationships.


I'm a proud member of Tiger Eagles Coaching

Other aspects in my Bio incase you want to know more about me - skip if you've heard enough

I love travelling and have visited over 40 countries. I’ve kayaked among mini icebergs in Alaska.  I’ve watched a cheetah stalk, chase and kill a gazelle.  I’ve had a group of Chinese people dancing to Kung Fu Fighting in the middle of Tiger Leaping gorge.  


I’ve hiked the Coast to Coast route in England.  I’ve cycled from London to Brighton but ended up in hospital.  I completed the London Marathon in 2010 despite the fact that I don’t really like running, unless it's with friends, and I'm not sporty.  


I’ve ridden X Roller Coaster in L.A.  I’ve been riding horseback in the company of rhinos, giraffes, hippos.  I’ve herded cows.  


I’m terrible at karaoke but love it.  I’ve taken dance classes, cookery classes, wine-tasting classes, pottery classes, singing classes and massage classes.  I'm currently learning the Ukulele. I love Yoga & Nia dance classes. Skiing is great but I experience huge relief when I complete the last run of the week and everything is still in one piece.


I find people fascinating and the World so amazing - the fact that a caterpillar turns into a butterfly is magical and yet we take it for granted.


I’ve been to Glastonbury music festival and the Royal Opera House several times each.  I love reading cookery books, love cooking really healthy food & mostly follow a plant-based diet.


Listening to my children laughing together is my favourite sound in the world.  I am known for being a very positive person .. unless I'm hungry or cold!


I love Christmas Pudding, Brussels Sprouts and Marmite.


I feel very lucky.

You could be the right coach for me, what shall I do next?

Baking cupcakes at home
Freshly dug carrots (Daucus carota ssp).

Great.  We need to do a free sample session for you to see what coaching is, if you'd like to sign up and to check that we are a good match.  If I don't feel we are then I will say so and can suggest other coaches.  


Or if you're not quite ready or have some questions we can arrange a time for a chat.


Either way just click on this magic button just here and ta da you'll be transported to the right place ...

Already know you want to get back your sparkle?


Sign up for a completely


no obligation Sample Session to discover more about how coaching can help you.

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